McCain’s war on ‘Islamic terror’

“With Senator Obama the presumptive Democratic nominee, the question facing America, increasingly, boils down to this: intensify the ‘clash of civilizations’, at the continued expense of domestic needs, or turn to diplomacy to resolve international conflict, so we can re-orient our national priorities to health care, education, economic recovery, and protecting the environment.”

Writing in the Huffington Post Robert Naiman observes that John McCain “continues to flog the idea of a war on ‘Islamic terrorism’, even though the official policy of the United States Government is that there is no US war on ‘Islamic Terror’.” Naiman points out: “Of course, if America sees itself as facing an enemy of ‘Islamic terror’, while that might be very harmful to the U.S. internationally, it could be very useful domestically. It would be much easier to rationalize a military attack on Iran.”