Mad Mel on ‘honour killings’

The loathsome Melanie Phillips takes advantage of the tragic death of Banaz Mahmod to engage in yet more baiting of Muslims:

“The elephant in the room here – as so often – is that ‘honour killings’ are largely a Muslim phenomenon…. honour killings, the need to avenge the shame caused by a loss of honour, are rooted in values intrinsic to the way of life of many Muslims…. Much hot air is expended on how to integrate British Muslims into British society. But look what happens when the women try to do just that. Some of them end up murdered…. It’s quite simple. Integration can lead to murder because of the concepts of honour and shame embedded in Muslim culture…. Britain’s multicultural orthodoxy does not protect women like Banaz Mahmod. It signs their death warrant.”

Melanie Phillips’s Diary, 12 June 2007

Cf. the Times, 13 June 2007