Ken Livingstone defends Muslim hate cleric Qaradawi

Well, that’s the headline in the Pink Paper.

Meanwhile, over at his Torygraph blog Andrew Gilligan has resumed his lying about Qaradawi, once again accusing him of defending rape and the targeting of non-combatants by Palestinian suicide bombers. These two accusations have already been demolished here. Gilligan also cites Qaradawi’s 1960 book The Lawful and Prohibited in Islam as evidence that Qaradawi advocates wife-beating and has “called for gay people to be killed”. Those charges are refuted here.

One of Gilligan’s claims is, however, true. Qaradawi does regard homosexuality as a sin. As indeed do the Pope and the Chief Rabbi, among others. There is of course an ultra-secularist minority who adopt the consistent if misguided position that all faith leaders who hold the view that homosexuality is immoral should be boycotted. But somehow I doubt Gilligan is one of them.