Jon Gaunt joins in hysteria over ‘Muslim only’ swimming sessions

It is rumoured that the fascist BNP have already selected Richard Barnbrook as their candidate for the 2008 London mayoral election. If by some freak of fate Barnbrook were to fall under a bus, they could always adopt Jon Gaunt as a replacement. His latest article in The Sun, using the reports of “Muslim only” swimming sessions in Croydon (see Indigo Jo Blogs) to mount yet another demented attack on multiculturalism, ticks all the right boxes for the fascists.

Swim and Let Swim

By Jon Gaunt

The Sun, 12 December 2006

ON the same day Tony Blair was telling immigrants to fit in or ship out, Croydon Council was promoting Muslim men only swimming sessions in the council pool.

The local mosque said: “Muslims are not allowed to show intimate parts of their body. This is non-negotiable. Muslims have as much right to go swimming as anyone else.”

That’s right, they do, but at the same time as everybody else.

If they want to be modest they can be, and they can wear long, baggy shorts or even a full burka and veil.

But I reserve the right to squeeze into my Speedos, God forbid, and for my girls to wear their bikinis and swim at the same time.

Because, do you know what? The majority of people in this country aren’t Muslim, and don’t believe in the religion and the “non-negotiable” rules. But most people are tolerant so swim and let swim, eh?

But no, in politically correct Britain Croydon Council bend to these religious zealots saying Muslims “have strict rules on segregation for activities”.

I know. Muslims are constantly reminding us of that but this is Croydon, not Karachi, and we don’t have segregation in this country for sport.

That’s why snooker halls, working men’s clubs and golf clubs the length and breadth of Britain have had to let women in. It’s called EQUALITY.

It’s these little incidents of moral capitulation, or bending over backwards to appease other faiths, that have led to the fragmentation of British society and the separation of communities.

This is why 74 per cent of bosses have banned decorations for fear of offending other religious groups, and why loopy councils end up banning Christmas lights and renaming it Winterval.

There are already separate communities in this country and too often multi-culturalism has been used as an excuse by minorities to claim victim status and large dollops of public cash.

And this is all Blair’s fault. We don’t need words from him, we need action, and we need it now. Blair is right when he says: “We don’t want the hate mongers.”

So when is he going to follow the French lead and actually boot out one of these preachers?

When is he going to actually discover a backbone and openly ban the veil in public life?

When is he going to stand up to the likes of Dr Bari from the Muslim Council of Britain, whose first reaction to this hard-hitting speech was to remark that he was alarmed, again!

Has Blair got the bottle to tell Bari and his cohorts he isn’t bothered about them being alarmed but is bothered about whether they are doing enough to root out the cancer in their community?

When’s Blair going to tell the loony councillors in Croydon they are not going to have Muslim men only days in a swimming pool that is paid for by all taxpayers?

When’s he having the meeting with Channel 4 bosses to tell them to stop playing to the gallery and insulting the Queen and most of the country by having some bird dressed in black reading an alternative Queen’s speech?

When is the madness of printing every council and Government leaflet in several languages going to stop?

The answer to all of the above is NEVER. Because, as per usual with Blair, it’s all spin and words.

Let’s face it, if Blair made this speech ten, even five years ago, he would have been up on a charge or at least shouted down as a racist by his bolshie backbenchers. But, as per usual with Blair, it’s too little too late. The damage is done.

Because, although he was keen to apologise to the Irish for the potato famine and say sorry for the slave trade he didn’t, and never will, apologise for forcing multiculturalism on the British public.