Jewish Voice for Peace opposes ‘Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week’

Jewish Voice for PeaceNo to intolerance and Islamophobia!

On October 22-26 the so-called Terrorism Awareness Project will send extremist speakers to campuses across the country to spread a message of intolerance and Islamophobia, in a campaign billed as “the biggest conservative campus protest ever.”

The list of speakers includes:

• Ann Coulter, who recently made quite a splash with her unabashed Jew-hatred;
• Robert Spencer, who calls Islam “the world’s most intolerant religion”;
• Rick Santorum, who compared homosexuality to incest and bestiality;
• And of course, David Horowitz whose long history of racism has included attacks on affirmative action and the statement that “guns don’t kill black people, other blacks do”.

These and other hate-mongers will be demonizing Islam and portraying a one-sided and bigoted view of a faith held by billions of people around the world.

Join Jewish Voice for Peace in our condemnation of this campaign of racism and bigotry!