‘Isolation is no longer an option for British Muslims’

Riots Over Mosque“The violence in the quintessentially English town of Windsor is a shocking example of what crude multiculturalism can lead to – neighbouring communities with seething resentments towards each other and nothing in common.

“The great omission of the first wave of mass immigration from Asia was the failure of Britain’s political class to tell new arrivals what was expected of them in terms of integrating and accepting British values. Time and again the supine British establishment chose to look the other way or howl down objectors as racist whenever Islamic practices clashed with our culture….

“This discredited approach is, shockingly, still predominant within the British establishment. Hence a Muslim police officer is excused shifts protecting the Israeli embassy, while Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly has made a risible call for broadcasters to hire more Muslim women wearing the hijab to present television progammes.

“Things are beginning to change. Jack Straw is to be commended for asking Muslim women to discard their veils…. British Muslims must face up to their changed circumstances in the wake of last year’s London bombings. Insulating themselves against mainstream society must no longer be an option.”

Editorial in the Daily Express, 6 October 2006