Rejecting the concept of Islamophobia (“fear of Islam is perfectly rational”), National Review Online columnist John Derbyshire explains the source of the Islamic threat to Western civilisation: “our troubles with immigrant Muslims are a mere aspect of our larger troubles with the great floods of Third World immigrants we have allowed to come into our countries this past forty years. This was a horrible and insane blunder….”

Derbyshire suggests a solution: “Would it be wise of Western countries, in the present state of affairs, to ‘fence off’ Islam – that is, to deny entry to foreign Muslims, to expel – regretfully, politely, and humanely, but firmly – resident foreign Muslims, and to restrict the activities of Muslim citizens (preventing them, for example, from proselytizing in our jails, or working in defense establishments)?”

National Review Online, 20 September 2007

See also “NRO’s Derbyshire wants to deny Muslims entry to the U.S. and ‘expel foreign Muslim residents'”, Media Matters, 21 September 2007