Islamophobes discover ludicrous ‘hospital jihad’ plot

Over at The American Muslim, Sheila Musaji responds to the hysteria whipped up over the news that a Muslim doctor is planning to open a medical facility in an area of Chicago with a large Muslim population, which would be open to the general population but would specifically accommodate Muslim religious and cultural customs.

The fact that similar medical arrangements are available for the US Jewish community hasn’t prevented the likes of Daniel Pipes, Debbie Schlussel and Bonni Benstock-Intall of Bare Naked Islam from denouncing the Chicago proposal as yet another element of the Islamic plot to conquer America. Sheila Musaji concludes:

These Jewish Islamophobes continue to stir up the bigots, and as I wrote previously May Regret Stirring Up a Hornet’s Nest of Bigotry.  Their anti-Muslim prejudice is clouding their judgement about how closely anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, and all other forms of bigotry are linked. Encouraging and condoning bigotry towards any minority ultimately can come to hurt all minorities. Their ravings against Islam and Muslims are appealing to a certain segment of the population who need to have someone to blame and to look down on. It is if she is taking a stick and sticking it into a hive of hornets and shaking it around and hoping they can control who those hornets sting.

When they opposes halal slaughter of animals and call it “cruel”, it isn’t going to be long before their audience notices kosher slaughter. When they oppose not only particular interpretations of some specific aspects of Sharia, but all of Sharia, it isn’t going to be long before their audience sees the similarities between Halakha and Sharia. If it’s alright to take away Constitutional protections from Muslims, or any other particular minority, then it isn’t going to be long before their audience realizes they can take them away from others who they were never that fond of in the first place.