Islam was responsible for murder of US ambassador in Libya, claims Tennessee Republican

Quite disgracefully, The Tennessean provides a platform for anti-Muslim extremist Vijay Kumar to promote his hate-filled paranoia about Islam.

Islam is relentlessly evangelical and has insatiable imperial designs. It authorizes and encourages the advancement of its goals by any means available, from deceit to outright murder – as just occurred at our embassy in Libya. Because the political doctrine of Islam has growing adverse impact on “non-believers” worldwide, non-Muslims have every right to comment accordingly.

Islam and Muslims demand religious criticism to be a one-way street. They can criticize others, but others should submit to them and keep silent. No other religion but Islam so vehemently criticizes other metaphysical and theological systems. Hence, Muslims forfeit the right to protest when others criticize Islam.

Unsurprisingly, Kumar is much admired by Pamela Geller, who in 2010 enthusiastically supported his bid to be adopted as a Republican congressional candidate in Tennessee. Kumar reciprocated by contributing an article to Geller’s Atlas Shrugs blog titled “The Muslim mosque: A state within a state”.