‘Islam or else?’

“Of course, God can change the human heart and wash away any past sins – and thus cause to emerge a completely new creature – quite separate from their past. But Islam is not in that group. Islam is a force for evil that opposes all who do not embrace it. Much like the homosexual agenda, all who oppose Islam must be silenced by whatever means. That is at the heart of Islam – convert to the worship of Allah or else slay all those who reject Islam….

“Dr. Keyes basically says that he has no illusions about the threat posed by Islam, and that Islam will remain at odds with all other religions, unless Islam is effectively held in check through ‘wise policy and action’. In my opinion, I think that such ‘action’ may well include war — if things persist. I see no other option since Islam itself urges its followers: ‘Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them.’

“So unfortunately, it’s either kill or be killed.”

Guy Adams at Renew America, 3 August 2006