Islam ‘a pox on civilization’

Following the recent decision by Kennesaw City Council in Georgia to allow an Islamic prayer centre to open in a retail centre, a concerned citizen (who doesn’t even live in Kennesaw) has written to the Marietta Daily Journal to express his thoughts on the subject.


Reading that the Kennesaw City Council gave permission for a group of Muslims to open a so-called prayer hall was a great disappointment to me. The PC Police won again, and the citizens of Kennesaw lost.

Islam has been a pox on civilization, a pox on humanity, and especially on women and children, for centuries. Islam is a religion of war. Their bible, the Quran, is a book of war. It commands Muslims to make war on Jews and Christians.

History is riddled with their terrorism, and the recent raid in Pakistan, where they just slaughtered 141 humans, including 132 children, is the latest example. Yes, a real prayerful, peace-loving bunch!

We need them here in our county, our state and our nation like we need a plague.

Ed Higginbotham