Investigation concludes that Texas college professor created hostile environment for Muslim students

An internal investigation by Tarrant County College concluded that a former professor created a hostile classroom environment for Muslim students who questioned his source material and complained that his teachings were biased during a November lecture.

Paul Derengowski’s Great Religions of the World class at TCC Southeast Campus grabbed headlines when a Nov. 8 lecture ended with two Muslim students abruptly leaving his class after questioning the professor about his lesson and other students reporting that they felt threatened by what happened. One of the Muslim students, Randa Bedair, e-mailed classmates and accused Derengowski of being biased.

Derengowski eventually resigned, and later said that he did so under duress. His resignation became part of the inquiry, which also examined complaints from the Muslim students who left the class as well as accusations by other students that the Muslim students were disruptive and defamed the professor.

The students supporting Derengowski also criticized the administration’s handling of the situation. But TCC administrators said that the situation was handled appropriately and that Derengowski’s resignation was completely voluntary.

“It was determined that Mr. Derengowski voluntarily resigned from his teaching responsibilities without duress as he alleged,” states a copy of the inquiry report obtained by the Star-Telegram through the Texas Public Information Act.

The report added: “… Mr. Derengowski created a hostile learning environment for the two Muslim students.”

The report concluded that the Muslim students didn’t display disruptive behavior or defame Derengowski.

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