Inayat Bunglawala – apology

“On March 1, 2008 we published a front-page article under the headline ‘TARGET HARRY – British fanatics threaten him‘ concerning Prince Harry’s active service in Afghanistan.

“The article made reference to Inayat Bunglawala, who is a spokesperson at the Muslim Council of Britain. He has also advised the British government on ways of combating extremism among young Muslims.

“We now accept our article may have been understood to allege that Mr Bunglawala was a fanatical extremist who was inciting or would condone a terrorist attack on Prince Harry.

“There was absolutely no truth in these allegations. Mr Bunglawala did not, and would not, condone any attack on Prince Harry; on the contrary, he consistently made clear to the media that he wanted to see the Prince and his colleagues brought home, out of harm’s way.

“We apologise unreservedly to Mr Bunglawala for the distress and embarrassment we have caused him.”

Daily Express, 4 July 2008