‘Target Harry – British fanatics threaten him’

Inayat_Bunglawala“Sneering Muslim fanatics labelled Prince Harry a target for assassins last night after his heroics against the Taliban.

“Harry’s perilous Army mission in Afghanistan was dismissed by British extremists as a mere publicity stunt. But they also claimed that by participating in an ‘illegal war’, the brave young Prince had made himself fair game for a terrorist attack.

“Tory MPs last night condemned the outpourings by three influential Islamic radicals as ‘highly irresponsible’. Andrew Rosindell, who represents Romford in Essex, said: ‘This is an appalling thing for them to say’.”

Daily Express, 1 March 2008

Who are these three “sneering Muslim fanatics”, I hear you ask. They’re Anjem Choudary, Omar Bakri … and Inayat Bunglawala! Along with a statement by Choudary, it’s a truncated quote from Inayat – “I am sure many Afghans opposed to the British presence will see him as a high-value target” – that provides the basis for the scaremongering headline.

The actual quotation, as reported in the Daily Telegraph, reads: “If he is still there I am sure many Afghans opposed to the British presence in Afghanistan will see him as a high-value target. We wish both him and his colleagues in the Army are brought back from Afghanistan out of harm’s way. The presence of foreign troops appears to be counter-productive, galvanising opposition.”

If I were Inayat, I’d sue.