How Muslims should prove their loyalty – wear a Sun T-shirt

Another inflammatory op ed by Trevor Kavanagh in The Sun.

DON’T blame Islam for Drummer Lee Rigby’s cowardly murder. Don’t blame Britain’s large and growing Muslim “community” either.

Islam is a peaceful faith which goes haywire only when corrupted by preachers of hate.

But that is like saying guns are safe, only becoming weapons of mass murder when they fall into the wrong hands. As they do.

The solution, apparently, is MORE guns, so decent citizens can defend themselves.

On that basis, the answer to Islamic terror is for us ALL to bow to Mecca.

Indeed, that was the message from blood-soaked alleged killer Michael Adebolajo as he stood over poor Lee Rigby’s butchered corpse.

But if Islam is such a peaceful religion, why are we all so damned nervous about it? Why do we walk on egg shells to avoid offending “the community” — and what do we get in return?

Kavanagh concludes:

If Muslims believe Britain is a tolerant and hospitable country, as it is, they should tell their kids loud and clear. And keep telling them.

Sadly, too many agree with the extremists.

They will never contradict a Koran which preaches vicious retribution against non-Muslims, heretics and homosexuals.

Astonishingly, it is the politicians who shout loudest for tolerance who turn a blind eye to medieval INTOLERANCE.

It explains why forced marriage, female genital mutilation, honour killings and the systematic rape of white girls go uninvestigated while any hint of racism is denounced and prosecuted.

We hope Lee Rigby’s killers were indeed “lone wolves”. But unless Muslims stand up in numbers and say they are proud to be British, we will see more.

Wearing a Sun “Help For Heroes” T-shirt would be a very good start.