Hillary Clinton criticises suppression of religious freedom in Europe

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized Wednesday the state of religious freedom in Europe, as Washington highlighted policies and attitudes toward Muslim veils and Islam as a whole. “Several European countries have placed harsh restrictions on religious expression,” Clinton said, without elaborating as she unveiled the State Department’s report on international religious freedom for the last year.

Her assistant secretary for human rights, Michael Posner, cited France’s ban on wearing the niqab and other face coverings in public places and a Swiss motion passed last year that bans building new minarets. “We have gone to court in the United States to enforce the right of Muslim women and girls to wear a burqa, and on the streets, in schools, et cetera,” said Posner. “That’s our position. It’s a position we articulate when we talk to our European friends.”

AFP, 17 November 2010

Phyllis Chesler will be disappointed.

See also “Europe cited in US religious freedoms report”, Reuters, 17 November 2010

The US State Department 2010 Report on International Religious Freedom can be consulted here.