Hereford: police investigate racist comments about Muslim community centre

Police are investigating racist comments made over the internet in response to plans for a Muslim place of worship in Hereford. Comments were made via social networking sites after plans for a community centre for Muslims were revealed.

One comment posted on the Hereford Masjid Fundraising Campaign’s Facebook page, which has since shut down, threatened to contaminate any land identified as a potential site and referred to the group as vermin.

Supt Charlie Hill, the policing commander for Herefordshire, said everyone has a right to feel safe in the county. He said: “I’m keen to point out all minority groups should be able to live, work and play in Herefordshire in a peaceful environment and we are rigorously investigating the inappropriate comments made by people in electronic format.

“We vigorously support the fact that the Muslim community should have a community centre. The police in Herefordshire have really good relations with minority groups and if you find yourself under attack for being part of a minority group then get in touch with the police.”

Anyone with information regarding the inappropriate comments can contact DC Dave Bentley on 0300 3333000.

Hereford Times, 20 September 2012