French Muslim group denounces mosque vandalism

Draguignan mosque vandalism (2)

A leading French Muslim group says three mosques have been vandalized over the past week and is urging authorities to punish the perpetrators.

The French Council of the Muslim Faith, or CFCM, said racist insults and Nazi slogans were scrawled on a mosque in the southeastern town of Tarascon and another in the eastern city of Strasbourg on Tuesday and Wednesday. It said the mosque in the southern town of Draguignan was vandalized May 17.

In a statement Thursday, the CFCM expressed concern about what it called the “multiplication of these cowardly and hateful acts” and warned against complacency. Muslim and Jewish graveyards and religious buildings around France have long suffered sporadic vandalism.

The group urged authorities to track down and punish those responsible “with all the necessary severity.”

Associated Press, 24 May 2012

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