French MP warns against Islamisation of Europe

Libération interviews Lionnel Luca, a member of the right-wing anti-migrant parliamentary group Droite populaire.

Luca states that the continent of Europe is on the way towards demographic extinction as a result of immigration and he poses the question: “in 2050 or 2010 will Europe still be a democracy with the values of secularism, of respect for women’s rights?” He asserts: “For twenty years a fundamentalist conquering Islamism has tried to impose its way of life on us.” And although “France is resisting, with the ban on the headscarf in schools, on the veil”, other countries are unfortunately less vigorous in their defence of European civilisation.

Asked if this isn’t a catastrophist vision, Luca goes on to claim that two-thirds of the meat in France is ritually slaughtered (an editorial comment notes that the official figure is 14%) and says that he objects to “paying a tax for a religion that is not mine”. He concludes: “The word ‘Islamisation’ seems too strong to you? I am inclined to say to you: let’s talk about this in twenty years when you will be wearing a veil.”