Fox News: Sharia law is ‘on its way to American courts’

Oklahoma State Rep. Rex Duncan (R) is worried that “dangerous fools in black robes” are going to impose sharia law on the U.S. court system.

And Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade is right there with him.

Duncan is pushing a ballot measure to prohibit courts from considering international or sharia law when handing down decisions, something he called a “commonsense” proposal on Fox News today.

Fox And Friends host Brian Kilmeade introduced the segment with this explanation of sharia law: “Sharia law is sometimes used to justify cruel punishments like amputations, like stoning, as well as unequal treatment of women. And did you know it’s on its way to American courts?”

Kilmeade also asked Duncan whether he thought the push to impose sharia law is part of “a push by extremists on the west” who want to build a mosque near the World Trade Center, or who were “screaming” at British Soldiers in London when they came home from the war.

“It is a push,” Duncan replied, “and anybody could see it if they would simply open their eyes.”

TPM, 16 June 2010

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