Fascists jump on the ‘sharia law’ bandwagon

With evident approval, the British National Party has reproduced an article from the raving right-wing US website The American Daily taking up the popular paranoid fantasy about sharia-supporting Muslims undermining the British legal system.

Quoting a BBC News article on sharia courts, the article complains that this does not go far enough: “… the BBC seems completely ignorant of the abuse women and minorities suffer under Sharia laws the world over. Women are beaten, raped, murdered, mutilated and oppressed by Muslim ‘culture’ and English law should never turn its back on these vulnerable members of their society. This would be a travesty and a direct refutation of western morals that posit that all people are created equal and stand the same in the eyes of the law.”

However, an article in the Telegraph finds more favour with the author, on the grounds that it takes “a little more umbrage at the possibility of immigrant communities circumventing English law”.

BNP news article, 5 February 2007

And who was the author of the Torygraph piece? None other than Mad Mel’s hubbie, Joshua Rozenberg.