‘Facing the axe: Diocese that has twice as many Muslim worshippers as Anglicans’

Another “Islamification of Britain” article in the Mail on Sunday.

Some examples of readers’ comments that follow the article:

“Successive governments refuse to do anything about the ludicrous multicultural policies we have been pursuing…. As a result, if current policies are to be continued, Britain as we have known and loved it will soon cease to exist. British Christian culture will be subsumed into Islamic ‘culture’. Britain will become part of the Dar ul Islam…. This country needs strong government: a government that will be prepared to take all the necessary measures to halt the process of Islamization, and turn back the tide where possible.”

“So many [mosques] are built becasue the PC wimps in the local councils are too afraid to refuse planning permission in case they’re accused of, preish the thought, RACISM! In my old town of Oldbury, in the West Midlands, one of the last open spaces was handed over in order for a Mosque to be built despite massive local resistance. They ask and they have, it’s as simple as that.”

“what many people fail to notice is that apart from immigration and breeding and namby pamby government decisions- it started when the British people ceased going to church and believing in our Christian God”

“No doubt in my mind,Britain will some day be a muslim country.”

“Just shows have i mmigration is chhanging the face of our country and reinforces the need for a complete ban for a few years together with the repatriation of foreign workers.”

“What’s it feel like to be a minority in your own country.”

“So now we will have a complete muslim enclave within the UK, I was made to believe that these people were supposed to intergrate with the rest of us, we will all live to regret this, wait and see!”

“I don’t remember voting for the Islamification of this country, but then if you had raised the matter at any time in the last fifteen years you would have been called racist.”

“And so it begins. The muslims replacing the christians”

“Welcome to Eurabia. Remember folks, you voted in sucessive governments with an ‘anything goes, no limits’ attitude to immigration and asylum. New Labour were the biggest culprits”

“What a tragedy that this country is well on its way to becoming an islamic state and no-one seems to want to address the problem.”

“Sorry, but when this is happening in a Christian country, it is time immigration has a halt put to it…. The people of this country need to seize back OUR HERITAGE before we end up totally swallowed up. I do not want to hear the call to prayer from a Mosque… I rather like the sound of church bells. I love Christmas and Easter. How long before they end because it ‘offtends other faiths’?”

“Frightening, but all part of Labour’s hidden agenda. How long have we got I wonder????”

“Why don’t our politicians understand that ‘multicultralism’ does NOT work and by allowing further immigration they are threatening the identity of the nation. This is just another sad story about another part of England that has been lost to foreign customs, and it should not be happening.”