Exploding breast implants scare story is resurrected

Under the headline “Breast implants suicide bomb threat: Heathrow on high alert over ‘credible’ intelligence”, the Mirror reports on a supposed al-Qaeda terror plot.

The Mail for its part goes with the headline “Women suicide bombers hide explosives in their BREAST IMPLANTS as terror experts fear al-Qaida will target flights out of Heathrow”, while the Express has “Airports on high alert over women armed with bombs in their BREAST IMPLANTS”.

As Richard Bartholomew points out, this marks the latest incarnation of a story that first appeared back in 2009 and appears to have just as little substance now as it did then.

Predictably, the Mirror‘s story has proved a source of inspiration to the thugs of the English Defence League:

EDL breast implants bomb story

Here are some of the comments posted by EDL supporters in response to the report.