Europe threatened by Muslim hordes (part 346)

Jamie Glazov interviews Morten Messerschmidt of the Danish People’s Party. “Tell us the impact that Muslim immigration is having on Europe”, Glazov asks, to which Messerschmidt replies:

“It is well know that the Muslim immigrants are disproportional in representing crime records; that the hate towards Jews is increasing in Europe, because of these groups. The serious mistreatment of women, which we see in the Muslim world, is now also taking place in Europe. Therefore, we know that the lack of labor-participation, which is connected to these people living on welfare, is an economic threat to the stability of our societies. In many European countries we speak about the necessity of changing the welfare-payments, but the truth is that if we did not have the Muslim burden, many of these changes would not be required.”

Front Page Magazine, 26 April 2006