Europe or Eurabia?

Pipes 9-11Daniel Pipes poses the question. His conclusion:

“… indigenous Europeans could yet rediscover their Christian faith, make more babies and again cherish their heritage. Yes, they could encourage non-Muslim immigration and acculturate Muslims already living in Europe. Yes, Muslims could accept historic Europe. But not only are such developments not under way, their prospects are dim. In particular, young Muslims are cultivating grievances and nursing ambitions at odds with their neighbours.

“One can virtually dismiss from consideration the prospect of Muslims accepting historic Europe and integrating within it. American columnist Dennis Prager agrees: ‘It is difficult to imagine any other future scenario for western Europe than its becoming Islamicised or having a civil war.’ But which of those two remaining paths will the continent take? Forecasting is difficult because the crisis has not yet struck. But it may not be far off. Within a decade, perhaps, the continent’s evolution will become clear as the Europe-Muslim relationship takes shape.”

The Australian, 15 April 2008

See also Pipes’ article in the Jerusalem Post, where he tells us that “Islamism represents the world’s leading anti-democratic force” and that Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the Muslim world’s leading advocates of representative democracy, “argues that elections are heretical”.