ENGAGE replies to Quilliam’s attack on Islam Channel

“Like much of the QF’s steady output of drivel, the report is poorly researched with causal relationships established on the flimsiest of empirical data.”

ENGAGE provides a critique of the Quilliam Foundation’s reportRe-programming British Muslims: A study of the Islam Channel.

See also ENGAGE’s letter to Charles Farr, Director-General of the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism. They write:

“What the OSCT and the Foreign Office, who fund the QF, surely need to now ask themselves in response to this latest smear campaign is whether their association with a body that British Muslims find abhorrent for its half-baked analysis and laughable policy prescriptions, and which derails the other benign efforts by government departments to fully engage British Muslims in debates on integration and belonging, is a price worth paying?”

While he’s at it, Charles Farr might also like to consider whether it is an appropriate use of taxpayers’ money for the Quilliam Foundation to hire expensive libel lawyers in an attempt to intimidate their critics.