EDL’s Alan Lake backs Christian Voice anti-halal campaign


Christian Voice will be leafleting football supporters attending the England v Ghana friendly at Wembley Stadium this evening to warn them that halal meat is allegedly being served in the stadium takeaways.

The text of the leaflet can be consulted here. It states:

“We asked the FA to confirm in writing that the beef burgers at Wembley are not halal. They refused. They would not even say if their halal chicken, lamb and any beef on sale is stunned before slaughter. Even if it is, that is not the point. A Muslim slaughterman still chants ‘Bismillah Allahu Akbar’ (meaning ‘In the name of Allah, Allah is the greatest’) over each halal animal killed, sacrificing it to Allah. Anyone buying halal meat will be eating Sharia Law.”

“Eating Sharia Law”! Well, at least we’re spared the usual lying nonsense from right-wing anti-halal campaigners about being motivated by concern for animal welfare.

Alan Lake of the English Defence League, who has a background in right-wing evangelical Christianity, has been plugging the event on his 4 Freedoms site. But without any evident success. On the Protest Against Unlabelled Halal at Wembley Facebook page all of 10 people are listed as “maybe attending”.

Update:  It appears that the leafleting was less than a total success. One supporter who joined Christian Voice leader Stephen Green in handing out the leaflets reports that “a muslim complained and a Policeman arrived with someone from the Brent Council to challenge me as to whether I had sought permission to give them out. I had not… and neither had Stephen… So they seized whet leaflets we had in our hands… and sadly we had to stop”. According to another account, the leaflets that Green and his supporters did manage to distribute were “discarded like confetti all along Wembley Way”.