EDL invents ‘child abduction’ story to boost attendance at Dewsbury demonstration

EDL Dewsbury child abduction story

In a disgusting attempt at recruiting assorted racists and fascists to attend their forthcoming Dewsbury protest, it seems the English Defence League have stooped to an all time low when it comes to making up a story.

The EDL’s Dewsbury division started a rumour about Muslim men attempting to abduct two young girls from the local area of Kirklees. The EDL said that they had “clear evidence” regarding the attempted abductions and claimed that they would have street patrols due to police inactivity. The EDL also claimed that local residents had been forced to keep quiet regarding the abductions.

The truth, however, is somewhat different.

DCI Paul Jeffrey of West Yorkshire Police denied the abduction attempts and said that a 10 year old girl had contacted the police after a van driver had tried to talk to her. The girl could not describe the driver and did not say he was of Asian appearance.

The EDL also claimed a similar incident occured in the Heckmondwike area, however the police said they have no record of the event, so it either did not happen or was not reported to police.

DCI Jeffrey said “We can categorically state no such series of crimes along the lines of what has be alleged have been brought tothe police’s attention”.

Hope Not Hate, 14 June 2012

Here are some excerpts from the discussion that the false report provoked on the Yorkshire EDL Dewsbury Division’s Facebook page.

Update:  See also “Cops deny EDL’s ‘abduction’ claims”, The Press, 16 June 2012