Ed Husain – how long before he joins the Tory party?

Ed_Husain“Britain’s Muslims are at a critical juncture. A fortnight ago, a terrorism-supporting group gathered with 300 supporters in council property in Britain’s most densely Muslim-populated area, Tower Hamlets, and called for rejection of British law and support for convicted terrorists in prison. They beamed in from Lebanon the banned cleric Omar Bakri, who called on young Muslims to disobey the law….

“In Britain’s most prominent mosque, in Regent’s Park, there are meetings every weekend of a group dedicated to creating an Islamist dictatorship, destroying Israel and which advocates Muslim supremacist views. These lines will be read: nothing will be done. Muslim leaders will remain as ostriches, and wider society will not ‘interfere’, lest we cause ‘offence’….

“Matters are made worse by unsustainable levels of immigration flooding our mosques; men with no experience of British society and a poor grasp of English becoming imams and spreading their ideas throughout Muslim communities. Just as we adjust to our surroundings in Britain, a new wave of immigrants are reintroducing village dialects, customs and attire, and adding to the confusion of young British Pakistanis or Bengalis. The British people deserve a serious debate on immigration, free from yells of racism….

“I am a member of Labour and I am ashamed that the party, after 11 years in power, shies away from addressing the failures of multiculturalism. Pandering to so-called cultural differences has led to more than 70 per cent of Pakistani and Bangladeshi women in Britain today being unemployed.”

Ed Husain in the Sunday Telegraph, 30 November 2008

It would be tempting to observe that the Whittaker Chambers of Islamism has found his rightful home – in a right-wing Tory newspaper. Unfortunately, it is not only the Tories who are eager to give Ed Husain a platform. There are idiots in the Labour government – notably Hazel Blears at DCLG – who take this charlatan seriously.

Mind you, if Cameron wins the next general election, or is clearly on course to win it, I think we can anticipate Husain swiftly ditching Labour in favour of the Tories, who will find the support of an embittered ex-Islamist particularly useful in their assault on multiculturalism, not to mention their plans to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir. His Sunday Telegraph piece certainly looks like a pitch for an invitation from the Tory party.