Daniels in the lions’ den

Daniel Johnson applauds Daniel Pipes’ contribution to last weekend’s Clash of Civilisations debate in London:

“In essence, Mr. Pipes had a warning for Londoners: Thanks to the multicultural policies of politicians like Mayor Livingstone, ‘your city is a threat to the rest of the world’. He listed 15 countries in which Islamists from Britain had carried out terrorist attacks, ranging from Pakistan to America. Since last weekend he could have added a 16th – Somalia.

“Britain, he said, was now regarded by some experts as the biggest threat to American security. British audiences aren’t usually told this. They aren’t told that ‘the Islamists have declared war on us’, let alone have the war aim stated clearly: victory. They need to hear the likes of Daniel Pipes much more often.”

New York Sun, 25 January 2007