Counter the EDL/SDL across the country this Saturday

The EDL has called a number of regional demonstrations across the country this weekend, with the obvious hope of building for a big turnout in Tower Hamlets next month. They plan to march in Edinburgh, Hull, and Portsmouth this Saturday, 17th August. Local UAF groups are mobilising with broad forces to ensure that there is an anti-fascist/anti-racist presence in these areas on the day.

In Edinburgh we are urging activists from across Scotland to stop the SDL from marching upon the annual Edinburgh Festival. This is a clear affront to the multicultural and diverse nature of the festival and must be resisted!

Below are assembly details for each protest:

Oppose the SDL march through the heart of Edinburgh during the festival.
Saturday 17 August
Assemble 12pm
Chambers Street, Edinburgh city centre. Scotland-wide mobilisation.

Saturday 17 August
Assemble 11am
Pearson Park Mosque, (corner of Park Road & Pearson Park). Supported by Hull TUC.

Saturday 17 August
Assemble 12pm
Meet at the Fountain, Commercial Road, Portsmouth.

UAF news report, 13 August 2013