Counter-demonstration after EDL demo violence

Protesters are preparing to march against the English Defence League and Islamophobia following the beating of two Asian men during a far right demonstration.

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK) has called for a demonstration after the men were caught up in violence during an EDL protest against against plans to turn a disused butcher’s shop into an Islamic prayer centre in Green Lane, Dagenham, three weeks ago.

Tomorrow’s protest, which is also directed at the police response to the incident, is expected to leave the Becontree Heath Islamic Society in Green Lane, Dagenham, at 11.30am.

Protesters will then proceed to Chadwell Heath Police Station, where they will hand in a petition “from all the local residents to say that we want EDL off our streets and for an end to Islamophobia” according to the MPACUK Facebook page.

CI John Davison said: “It is the police’s duty to facilitate peaceful protest and I am confident that we can police this event in an appropriate and orderly manner.”

A police spokeswoman said: “The march/protest will be policed by one police inspector, three police sergeants and 18 police constables. Further police resources are available should they be required. However, at this time, police anticipate a peaceful protest. PS Gary Buttercase will be present to accept a petition from the demonstrators.”

London24, 8 July 2011

See also MPACUK press release, 6 July 2011