Conferences to look at ‘threat’ of Islam in New Zealand

The time is ripe for the Church to face up to the threat of Islam in our country, to understand Islam’s agenda and to respond with the love of Christ, says Middle East Overseas Outreach New Zealand director Murray Dillner.

That organisation, Open Doors NZ, Interserve and Asian Outreach are combining to host Mosque and Miracles conferences for the first time in New Zealand. They will be held in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland in July, and are endorsed by Vision Network and Missions Interlink.

“Those who work with Muslims estimate there are about 40,000 of them here,” said Mr Dillner. “The politicians estimate about 20,000 but others believe there are many more. Islam is having an impact.”

Mr Dillner said he has become very aware that time is short before the pressure of ideologies such as radical Islam will “take away the freedoms we have in New Zealand and we will no longer have freedom of speech”.

“The politicians will tell you Islam is a peaceful religion, but any former Muslim will tell you otherwise,” he said. “Wherever in the world Muslims have taken over, democracy no longer exists.”

Mr Dillner said many Muslims came to New Zealand to find a better life, but many others came with a “missionary zeal” to take over the country. Muslims may in future, for example, promote the idea of instituting the call to Islamic prayer in their neighbourhoods.

In many freezing works halal killing had become standard and a group of South Island farmers was considering starting up their own freezing works to avoid that religious practice. “They are saying, ‘Why should New Zealanders bow to Islam?’ Islam has an agenda which is subtle and behind the scenes.”

Challenge Weekly, 19 March 2007