Can Islam support a secular, democratic government?

The question is posed by the Christian Science Monitor. There’s an informed article by Jocelyne Cesari, professor of Islamic studies at Harvard, who points out that “recent polls show that Muslims praise democracy as the best political system. At the same time, they acknowledge the importance that sharia, or Islamic law, plays in their lives. This is where misunderstanding often occurs. Sharia does not refer to actual laws but to a set of moral principles and norms that guide Muslims in their personal and social choices.” However, in the interests of “balance” we also treated to the thoughts of one Bill Warner, director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam, who tells us that “Islam has two sets of ethics. One set is for Muslims and the other set is for kafirs; this is dualistic ethics. A Muslim should not harm another Muslim, but the kafir can be robbed, killed, or cheated to advance Islam.”