CAIR: Bigots pressure TLC advertisers on ‘All-American Muslim’

All American MuslimA prominent national Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization said today that advertisers are being pressured by anti-Muslim bigots to drop spots on The Learning Channel’s (TLC) new reality series “All-American Muslim.”

The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said the calls for an advertiser boycott are coming from Internet hate sites like “Bare Naked Islam,” which recently featured a number of threats of violence targeting U.S. and European mosques, and right-wing groups such as the Florida Family Association and American Decency.

CAIR press release, 8 December 2011

See also Sheila Musaji, “American companies accused of joining the all-American anti-Muslim bandwagon”, The American Muslim, 7 December 2011

And “Lowe’s pulls ad from ‘All American Muslim’ due to pressure from Islamophobes”, LoonWatch, 9 December 2011

Update:  See “Russell Simmons blasts Lowe’s for pulling Muslim show ads: ‘This can’t happen in America'”, Inside TV, 10 December 2011

You can sign a petition urging US companies to reject calls to stop advertising during “All-American Muslim” here.