Brigitte Gabriel says Boston bombers are part of ‘an army of Islam’

Neil Cavuto Your World

News Hounds reports that Fox News host Neil Cavuto provided a platform for rabid Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel of ACT! for America to whip up fear and hatred over the Boston bombings.

On yesterday’s “Your World,” Gabriel couldn’t even wait for Cavuto to finish his opening sentence before offering her opinion as fact. In the middle of his introduction “Brigitte Gabriel joins us know, she’s an expert on all things terror and all things terrorist,” she interrupted, “they are part of a cell.” To Cavuto’s question of why she said that, she rambled on about “chatter on Islamic websites” in which the chatterers are claiming that the Boston bombing suspects “couldn’t have acted alone and are part of a large group, an army of Islam…acting to bring justice to the Islamic nation.” (So that proves it. Case closed!)  She proclaimed, as fact, that they have received “professional help.” She described them as “implants in the US” like many others who are “jihadists” who are “operating in different cities.”

Cavuto pointed out the difference between “empathizing and sympathizing” with the brothers and asked Gabriel if the websites are “taking credit and responsibility for the attacks.” She responded that the sites are saying “these guys are just part of the Islamic Ummah [Anti-Islamic types love to use Islamic terms just so you know they’re credible!] doing work that they are doing and must be a part of a larger cell not only in America but also overseas.”