BNP backs Butt

“Muslim extremists are targeting Scottish people because they what [sic] to destroy our British Christian way of life and replace it with an Islamic state. It is not about Iraq, it’s not about Afghanistan, it is about the Islamic Jihad for this country. We exist in their minds in Dar al-Harb or the House of War, which is the term used to refer to those areas outside Muslim rule i.e. Scotland.”

BNP regional voices, 2 July 2007

Sounds like the fascists have taken their inspiration from Hassan Butt. And why not? His line of argument feeds their Islamophobic ravings.

Robert Spencer is a fan, too: “Butt here says what I have said for years: that the jihad arises from Islamic imperatives, not from the actions of the West.”

Jihad Watch, 2 July 2007