Blame terrorism on multiculturalism, migration and the Human Rights Act

“As Britain finds itself yet again at the hub of an international bomb plot, Home Secretary Alan Johnson declares we can ‘never be complacent’ about the threat from Islamist terrorism since 9/11. Yet hasn’t Labour been breathtakingly complacent throughout the past decade?

“This is the Government, after all, which has introduced human rights laws making it all but impossible to expel terrorists. In its zeal for ‘multiculturalism’, it has allowed extremists to preach murder in British mosques, while doing nothing to suppress terrorist cells in our universities. Meanwhile, its disgracefully lax migration policy has thrown open our borders to new arrivals on an unprecedented scale, with few or no questions asked….

“In the coming years, this country must face up squarely to the terrorist threat. This will mean effective action against preachers of hate, with amendments to our human rights laws if necessary. It will also mean far tougher border controls – and an end, once and for all, to the scandal of offering visas to study on bogus academic courses.”

Daily Mail, 29 December 2009