Bare Naked Islam hails the ‘courageous counterjihad efforts’ of EDL thug who attacked Islamic centre

Bare Naked Islam

As we noted in our report of the jailing of Geoffrey Ryan over an attack on the Al Falah Islamic Centre in Braintree, he is an admirer of Bonni Benstock-Install, the crazed Islamophobe who runs the Bare Naked Islam blog. It appears that this admiration is reciprocated.

You might have thought that even Benstock-Intall would be keen to dissociate herself from a deranged thug who entered the Al Falah Islamic Centre brandishing two knives and shouting: “I’m going to kill you. Let’s see if Allah or God come to help you…. I’ll kill you Muslims, I’ll kill you before the police come, come downstairs, come out I’m going to cut your throat.”

But no. Under the heading “VERY SAD NEWS: One of BNI’s favorite British counterjihadist commenters has been arrested for setting off a smoke bomb at a mosque”, Benstock-Intall writes:

“Geoffrey Ryan, 44, posted under a few different names at BNI but most of you knew him as ‘trinovante.’ He was an EDL member who was distraught over the growing encroachment of Muslims into his neighborhood and the changing character of his country which now seems to favor Muslims over the native population. His language was very salty but he didn’t advocate violence. Apparently, the ‘alleged’ suicide death of his brother sent him over the edge.”

She adds: “BNI friends of ‘trinovante’ – Feel free to post messages to him here and I will forward them. We do not condone this act of violence but we support the courageous counterjihad efforts of the EDL, Geoff Ryan and all the defenders of freedom against Islamization.”

Update:  Benstock-Intall has deleted the “Very sad news” post. However, a screenshot can be consulted here.