‘As race wars split Georgia, could it happen in Britain?’

douglas_murrayDouglas Murray of the Centre for Social Cohesion writing in the Daily Express:

“In Britain we look at scenes like those emerging from Georgia in the last week and congratulate ourselves that at least we do not have to worry about such conflict. But the truth is Britain, like any nation, should observe the feuding in the Caucuses and reflect on whether we really are that different. Some warning notes have already sounded.

“It is now seven months since the Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, warned of the existence of ‘no-go areas’ within Britain. The reaction from leading politicians was dismissive. Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, described the comment as ‘inflammatory’ and ‘a gross caricature of reality’. But the fact is that the Bishop was onto something….

“Instead of fostering integration and cohesion between communities, successive UK governments and local authorities have encouraged separatism between ethnic and religious groups. Instead of being strong and standing up to the grievance-mongers and activists, they have pandered to such people….

“Telling people communities could run parallel lives in Britain ended in disaster. Immigrants were given no incentive to adapt to their new home; those already in the country resented the separation of their new neighbours and so the walls grew. But whenever people highlighted the dangers of segregation it was their comments rather than foolish government policies that were denounced….

“Last year the Commission for Racial Equality wound up. When several years ago its Chairman Trevor Phillips admitted that the multicultural experiment had failed he was hailed for his bravery in speaking out. Would that he had done so earlier!”