Anti-fascists demonstrate against Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen addresses the Cambridge Union

About 200 people have protested in Cambridge ahead of the French politician Marine Le Pen’s appearance at a university debating society.

The leader of France’s far-right party Front National was invited to speak by the Cambridge Union Society. The society’s president, Ben Kentish, said: “To silence views we might find extreme or abhorrent is a dangerous step in a bad direction.”

The protest has been organised by Unite Against Fascism. Sabby Dhalu, joint secretary from the the anti-fascist group, said it was not against freedom of speech.

“We have to remember the total devastation of the fascist-led World War II, when almost 70m people lost their lives worldwide,” she said. “Those people who lost their lives did so in name of freedom – it’s the fascists who oppose freedom.”

BBC News, 19 February 2013

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