Another paranoid anti-Muslim rant from Mad Mel

“Once again, Britain’s ‘moderate’ Muslim community is upping the ante against the British society in which it resides. The Sunday Telegraph reports that senior Muslims are pushing to integrate sharia law into English law. Dr Suhaib Hasan who, we learn, has been presiding over sharia courts in Britain for more than 25 years, is anxious to dispel any idea that sharia means flogging, stoning or amputations. Good grief no, perish the thought apparently it’s ‘only’ about family law.

“Uh huh. But as Baroness Cox points out in this story, sharia family law is utterly inimical to English law and British values, based as it is on the subjugation of women and the negation of individual freedom….

“And to back up his whole sinister proposal, he makes the utterly false analogy with Jewish religious law…. This is rubbish….

“It is very important that people understand that the pressure to sharia-ise Britain is far more dangerous even than terrorism because – see the government’s embrace of ‘sharia finance’ – its implications simply aren’t understood and it is likely therefore to be accepted. Salami-slice by salami slice, this is how British society will be dismembered.”

Meanie Phillips’s Spectator blog, 20 January 2008