Islam – ‘an intrinsically violent, aggressive and murderous ideology’

BNP dustbin“The big lie of our times is to deny that Islam is an intrinsically violent, aggressive and murderous ideology. Our lords and masters repeat their PC denial of this blindingly obvious fact in various forms (‘Religion of Peace’, or ‘tiny minority of extremists’etc), in the belief that like some sort of magical spell, it will become true if recited often enough.

“Supporting strands of this web of deceit include claims that Islamic aggression is a recent reaction to the sins of the West (colonialism), or is caused by poverty (buy them off with more jizya), or is carried out by a tiny minority who misunderstand the peaceful commandments of the Koran, or, in a whopper that would be worthy of Goebbels himself – that Islamic terrorism is actually anti-Islamic, as preached by the hypocrite Jacqui Smith.”

A fascist blogger spells out the BNP’s view of Islam. (Not that different from Melanie Phillips’s it would appear.)

Home of the Green Arrow, 20 January 2008