Another Islamophobic rant from Abhijit Pandya

Over at the Mail’s Right Minds blog there is yet another raving anti-Muslim post from former UKIP candidate Abhijit Pandya. David Cameron is denounced for “failing to act” on his notorious Munich conference speech last year denouncing multiculturalism. This has supposedly resulted in a failure to resist forced marriages, honour killings and, in particular, sharia courts.

According to Pandya, “women are not allowed to speak” at sharia tribunals, which is a new one on me. It would certainly come as a surprise to Amra Bone. Needless to say, the parallel role of Beth Din in the Jewish community doesn’t even rate a mention. Apparently it’s only Muslims’ religious tribunals (“these monstrous courts”) that pose a threat to social cohesion.

At the end of the piece we are asked to: “Note also the group ‘One Law for all’ in the UK which is fighting against Sharia Courts.” Maryam Namazie will be so pleased.