Annual anti-GPU witch-hunt continues

GPU 2010Once again we’re faced with the annual right-wing campaign against the Global Peace and Unity event, which takes place this weekend at the ExCeL centre in London.

There has been a last-minute push by the usual bunch of Islamophobes to pressure government ministers into boycotting the event. An appeal to that effect by Paul Goodman at ConservativeHome has unsurprisingly been endorsed by Harry’s Place. Given the role of the latter blog in witch-hunting the likes ofNew Statesman political editor Mehdi Hasan as Muslim extremists, you might have thought their support would hardly help Goodman’s case.

In that connection, note the Harry’s Place discussion thread where Ajmal Masroor of all people is denounced as an extremist on the grounds that he is “a presenter on the Islam Channel: a Muslim Brotherhood dominated organisation, whose CEO, Mohammed Ali Harrath is a convicted terrorist” and is accused of placing himself outside “mainstream politics” because he refuses to join Harry’s Place in witch-hunting Muslim organisations.

Meanwhile, on the discussion thread at ConservativeHome, Tory London Assembly member Andrew Boff comments: “Hey Paul – You should recruit this guy – he doesn’t like the GPU either.” And Boff provides a link to this anti-GPU rant at IslamicTube.

If the two parties that make up the coalition government really want to damage their reputation among Muslim communities across the UK, they really couldn’t do much better than succumb to this sort of hardline right-wing campaign and withdraw speakers from the GPU.