Allen West attacks ICNA billboards, claims US is threatened by ‘dangerous triumvirate of progressive socialism, secular humanism, and Islamic totalitarianism’

Allen West website banner

Former Republican Congressman and outspoken conservative commentator Allen B. West has expressed his disapproval at an Islamic billboard sign campaign.

West posted his thoughts on the group’s “Why Islam?” billboard evangelism campaign Saturday on the former Florida congressman’s website. According to West, he saw the Why Islam? billboard while driving from an event at the Five Star Veterans Center in Jacksonville, Fla.

“As I drove home after the event heading to South Florida, ’round about Cocoa Beach I gazed over in amazement at a disturbing electronic billboard sign. I thought perhaps my eyes were just tired. However, as we got further down the road near Vero Beach, I saw the sign again,” wrote West. “So how was it that I gazed upon two electronic billboards promoting an ideology that translates into the word, ‘surrender?'”

West proceeded to write that the billboards were an example of the “dangerous triumvirate of progressive socialism, secular humanism, and Islamic totalitarianism.”

“And if we replace God, then what do we become as a nation?…We will no longer be ‘one Nation under God’ but rather one nation gone under, as Ronald Reagan so aptly stated,” wrote West. “And when we are one nation gone under, with no fundamental faith, we are primed for the infiltration, the stealth jihad that undermines any remaining concept of faith, in other words, Islamic totalitarianism.”

The billboards West took issue with were posted by the online group Why Islam? an organization managed by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).

The billboard has the caption “Find Jesus in the Quran” and has a chapter-verse citation listed for the Islamic holy book that talks about Jesus. The billboard also includes a phone number where an individual can request a free copy of the Quran and the group’s web address.

According to the ICNA, there are about 60 such billboards posted throughout the United States and the signs have been posted at varying times over the past decade or so.

West’s remarks came not long after the conclusion of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Ahda or “Festival of Sacrifice,” which is held at the end of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

Christian Post, 21 October 2013