‘Active Resistance to Islamification’ organisation launched

A former aide to Robert Kilroy Silk has launched a group which aims to fight back at what it views as “Islamofascism”. Tony Bennett, who worked as a researcher for the former politician and television presenter, is recruiting members for the Active Resistance to Islamification, which plans to “erect one sign or symbol that is offensive to those sensitive Muslim flowers in our midst for every one they succeed in removing from our society”.

Bennett, who believes Islam is an “evil force” but insists that he “doesn’t believe in discrimination”, added: “Last week one Muslim said he was offended by a picture of a pig and demanded that all things resembling pigs at his work were removed.” In retaliation Bennett painted a St George’s cross on a “Welcome to Harlow” road sign. Last year he left the UK Independence party after describing the prophet Muhammad as a paedophile.

Guardian, 14 October 2005