A Robert Spencer doppelganger writes

“Understanding what motivates the enemy is essential to defeating it. The commander in chief took a major step in that direction with last week’s speech tying terrorism to ‘Islamic radicalism’…. With Thursday’s speech, he also abandoned his mantra that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’…. The president could have gone even further to explain what motivates the terrorists. He left the impression they are all heretics distorting the idea of jihad and defiling their scripture…. The unpleasant truth is, Muslim terrorists are getting all these terrible ideas – from violent jihad to self-immolation to even the beheadings we’ve seen in Pakistan and Iraq – straight out of the text of their holy book.”

Investor’s Business Daily, 7 October 2005

I assumed that the anonymous author was in fact Robert Spencer, but apparently not. See Jihad Watch, 8 October 2005

On second thoughts, perhaps it was Brett Lock.