9/11 families’ group says Geller’s anti-mosque protest disrespects victims, calls on participants to withdraw

The rally set for the ninth anniversary of Sept. 11 against the Ground Zero-area mosque, which is being organized by conservative blogger Pamela Geller, is drawing opposition from a key 9/11 victims’ families group that is asking that the event’s date be moved and, if it isn’t, that participants back out.

The word from “Where to Turn,” a group that was launched by Staten Islander Dennis McKeon – who is not a victims’ relative himself but who started a clearinghouse of information related to the attacks and to Ground Zero with Staten Island families – came in an email to their list.

The email says that “such activities …disrespect the memories of our loved ones on this sacred day at this sacred site.”

The email notes there’s an anti-mosque rally planned and also says there are reports of a pro-mosque rally being put in place – and Where to Turn is opposing both. (This is the first I’d heard of a pro-mosque event for that day).

Maggie Haberman at Politico, 30 August 2010