Youths charged after shotgun fired outside mosque

Carlton N.Y. — A Holley teen-ager was charged with a felony count of criminal possession of a weapon after allegedly firing a shotgun outside a mosque in Waterport on Monday night.

Mark Vendetti, 17, of Holley was incarcerated in lieu of $10,000 bail or $20,000 bond for the incident that frightened the Muslim congregation on Fuller Road. Vendetti and four other Holley teens – Tim Weader, 17; Dylan Phillips, 18; Jeff Donahue, 18; and Anthony Ogden, 18 – also were charged with disruption of a religious service. Two other teens, 16 or younger, also may face charges, Sheriff Scott Hess said.

The Holley youths allegedly drove two vehicles outside the mosque and were yelling obscenities and beeping a car alarm while members were inside the mosque praying. When the noise persisted, some members went outside. The two vehicles were driven next to each other, going north down the dirt road.

One church member David Bell, 29, was near the road and was struck by one of the vehicles. He had a gash in his tongue, a swollen bottom lip and sore hip on Tuesday morning. Hess said deputies are investigating the hit-and-run.

Daily News, 31 August 2010